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G. Edward Lutherie Inc. - Photo Gallery

The Wall of Fame (2) - even more photos!

Tom Peloso
Tom Peloso with Modest Mouse
See Modest Mouse with the Eminence
on the Letterman show (YouTube)
Adrian Stout
Adrian Stout with The Tiger Lillies
Watch a performance (YouTube)
Micheal Young
Micheal Young with Albi & The Wolves
Bob Denoncourt
Bob Denoncourt with the
Copper River Band
Watch them perform at IBMA (YouTube)
Joe Kyle Jr.
Joe Kyle Jr. with The Waybacks
Photo by Jim Dirden
Mark Rubin
Mark Rubin
Tom Gray
Tom Gray with Emmylou Harris
and Carolina Star at Telluride
Photo by 2007 Zen Curmudgeon
Erik Lillestol
Erik Lillestol with
Café Accordion Orchestra
Photo by Sheralyn deYoung
Brian DeMarcus
Brian DeMarcus with the ZydeCohos
Derek Jones
Derek Jones with the Las Vegas
Cirque du Soleil
See him play at Telluride (YouTube)
Dennis Marks
Dennis Marks with Arturo Sandoval
Watch them perform live at the Blue Note (YouTube)
Bob Sinicrope
Bob Sinicrope - Faculty, Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops
Marshall Wilborn
Marshall Wilborn with the Hazel Dickens Band at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival; Photo by Ken Friedman
Karl Sevareid
Karl Sevareid with The Robert Cray Band
at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007
Photo by Sue Turner-Cray
Watch them perform (YouTube)
Mark Kreitzer
Mark Kreitzer (on the Dahila 5)
with the Middle Spunk Creek Boys
Darrell Muller
Darrell Muller with
Old School Freight Train
Adam Bowen
Adam Bowen with Lawa
Trevor Hutchinson
Trevor Hutchinson and Lúnasa with
Dirk Powell, Paul Brady & Tim O'Brien
Watch Hutchinson with Lúnasa (YouTube)
Jessy Greene
Jessy Greene (on her Dahlia 5) with the Foo Fighters
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith with The Creekbones
Deb Black
Deb Black with Morgans Run
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